The yummy sandwich !!

One day a girl named Poppy was on her way home from school she was hungry so she said to herself “when i get back i’m going to have a sandwich”.So she was home and she made herself a sandwich out of fluffy white bread.After the sandwich she felt energetic so she went on a walk by herself.She got her phone out and randomly played video games until her battery died.All of sudden she started feeling sick so she hurried home just to make it for the bathroom.”Yuck!! “her mum sighed.Now Poppy can only have  a sandwich with brown bread.

One thought on “The yummy sandwich !!”

  1. Good work! I like how you described Poppy vividly. I can relate to Poppy because of the video games. Do remember if I is by itself or in the contraction I’m the I is capital. Keep up the good work!

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