The Zoo!

One day, I went to the zoo with my Mum, my Dad and my sister Sienna. First we saw the elephants and there was a baby elephant and she was so cute. Then we saw the lions and one of the younger lionesses roared really loud. Next we had a picnic and I had a ham sandwich and it was really nice, then I had a slice of cake. When we had all finished our food we went to see the tigers there are four tigers, but we could only see two of them. After we went to the reptiles.

2 thoughts on “The Zoo!”

  1. Hello Amelia! That must’ve been a fun day at the zoo! What was your favorite animal? One of my favorite animals are the polar bears! Anyways, you had a little bit of errors with your punctuation, but it was a very good story, that was written nicely!

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