The Ghost Castle Ella’s Trip

One day Ella went on a trip to a old castle nobody lived in it but what they don’t know, that in the castle there’s a ghost. She went on the trip with her best friend Katie,Katie and Ella both had brown hair and violet eyes so they were very special because they were the only one’s with violet eyes in the whole school.When they were in the front of the door there was a letter inside of the letter it said “enter if you dare,”but they didn’t care about it .They just entered in the castle when they came in, they heard noises.”wwwwwhhhhhhooooooooohhhhhh.”On the table it had blood and a voice came up and said”so,what lies in front of you,”the voice said they said “bbblllloooodddd,” the voice said back “That’s the blood of the other people that last came here… TO BE CONTINUED…

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