Their Demonic Daughter

My house (apparently) is haunted. But I haven’t experienced anything paranormal since we moved here. The only thing I have heard is scratching in my walls and even in my attic! Dad thinks it’s just an animal, but Mum thinks it’s something much, much worse! We have called Animal Control, Pest Exterminators, even Ghost Busters! I said I ain’t having none of it, bye!

Hello blog, i’m her Mother she decided to leave because of the scary things happening. Anyways, i’m scared too! I asked my Husband to look in the attic, and so he is! “But, but how did she get up there?” Stuttered Dad.

Their daughter, tied in chains and ropes strung up on the roof…  She had a lifeless, soulless body…

One thought on “Their Demonic Daughter”

  1. Wow! That was a very excellent story Chloe! Especially the last part of your story. I really liked how you added to three dots. I wonder how the girl got up there in the first place? Maybe the “thing” that was scratching took her! Also, I really enjoyed how you showed the perspective of the girl and her mother.

    Keep on writing!

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