Tiger Temple

“Lets have a look in the temple today”, said Mollie, excitedly dancing in the summer sun.”What temple Mollie? There is like eight of them”, replied her biggest sister Emily. “That one, the one with the tiger face.”another sister said, this time being Madison.

Later that day.

“Ok we have been hear for an hour and we are ready to go home.”
“It’s hardly worth going home we may as well spend the night here”,exclaimed Mollie.
“No mollie we have to go home.”But as they walked to the exit of the temple they found something . A tiger was bocking there escape .

“Oh no” said little Mollie trembling with fear.

One thought on “Tiger Temple”

  1. Hi Amy, I really enjoyed your post. I liked how you set the setting for your story. I also like how you added dialogue into your story. Just remember blocking is spelled blocking not bocking.

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