The time we almost die… PART 1 “TIGER TROUBLE”

It was a wonderful day in africa when we where having a great tour.

“And here is a tiger, a ferice canivour” said the tour guide. We got back to the park and we went to go see the tigers in a pen. We stood on the wooden spectatior bridge and admired the majestic tigers, but then one of the tigers started to climb up the wooden bars holding the bridge. Every body started running and screaming once the tiger climbed up on the bridge and started running for its running prays. Every family ran though the metal gates and got in their cars and drove of as fast as they can. TO BE CONTINUED…

3 thoughts on “The time we almost die… PART 1 “TIGER TROUBLE””

  1. Hi Max,

    I liked your use of Africa as a setting, it made the story very interesting. I particularly enjoyed your description of the tigers, especially the use of the adjective ‘majestic’, it was excellent description.

    Keep up the great work!
    Amii – Team 100.

  2. Hey Max! I really liked your story and how you had it start all calm and then have a quick transition to action! I can’t wait to find out what happens next! Great job!

  3. Hi Max!
    I really enjoyed your 100 word challenge! Did you know that when I was little, I went to the zoo and a tiger tried to escape? It was really funny! I have a tiger story, too! Remember, NTSSWTSW (no two sentences start with the same word) and said is DEAD (said is dead means to not use said. Use asked, or replied, or exclaimed). And make sure you include the prompt! When will you make the next part? Overall, nice job!!
    Signed, Ryan in Illinois. Check out my blog!

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