It was the first day of the summer and I was chilling out in my pyjamas  playing this brand new video game called Twisted Wizards.I was having so much fun.I was in the middle of completing the best part of the whole game.But believe it or not,dad walked into my room holding two fishing rods and SWITCHED MY COMPUTER OFF.He gave me a sour smile and said ‘Get up, get ready and we are going fishing,’. He gave me a nudge and I practically dragged my self across the room to my wardrobe and got ready.I knew that if I didn’t go down stairs this minute dad would ban me from my game full stop.So I clumped down the stairs and got my fishing rod. We had to walk because mum had  stupidly drove the car into a lamppost. So when we finally got to the pond we sat down and lowered our fishing rods into the pond and waited and waited and waited.Suddenly, I felt something pulling at me.It pulled so hard I fell head first straight into the pond!I didn’t want to waste any time so I thought ‘while I am down here I might aswell get whatever was on the other end of my rod because dad will be so happy and I took it out of the water to show dad I looked at it and it ended out that it was a SHOE.SERIOUSLY,  I am never going fishing again even if I have to sacrafice my game to not go. NEVER EVER AGAIN.

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  1. Hi Francesca! I’m your partner Nadia. I really like how you used a lot of vivid vocabulary and stuck to the prompt. I enjoyed reading you post!

  2. Hi Francesca! I really enjoyed reading your story. I thought your story was great because of the vocabulary you used. It made the story more intersting and I wanted to keep reading and reading. I can’t wait for your story next week!

  3. September 24, 2017
    Hi Francesca,
    My name is Christie and I’m from Stillwater,New York and I’m ten years old. I really like your story it had great detail and dialogue. One thing that you could maybe add is a couple different punctuation marks. I think your story is great though. Great job!

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