Todays the day

Ok, lets take this from the top , today is the day that we start decorating my room, it might not seem like much to you, but I can ashore you it is to me as not only am I going to have a whole new room, but my dad bought me an amazing model togo in my room.

A day later

I have painted my room now(white) and everything is done all I need to do is put some models as decor. So I put 3 spiderplant’s in my room two on each end of the windowsell and one on my desk. then i put the amazing model of bones on my desk.

One thought on “Todays the day”

  1. Hi Amy,
    I enjoyed reading your story this week.
    You’ve set the scene well and your room is all set for the final piece of decor …BUT I’m just not sure about the model of bones!
    Good work.
    Mrs Boyce
    Team 100WC
    Cork, Ireland.

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