The tree that droped sweets

One day there was a boy called jack and jack was an adventerous  boy who liked exploring stuff.So one day he went hunting in the forest it was a forest that nowone knew about.He came to this waterfall and when he got to the waterfall he saw a tree and it wasen’t any old tree it was a tree full of sweets.He ran to the tree a picked loads of sweets and when you pick a sweet it grows back.He ran back to his house and told his mum so his mum came with him they were running as fast as they could they got to the tree and couldn’t stop eating sweets.



6 thoughts on “The tree that droped sweets”

  1. hi lennon i love your storie its great i think your garden must be great having that tree in your garden

  2. Great story Lennon, I love that your mum came along and ate the sweets too, sounds like fun!

    Nicky (team 100)

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