Tree men

Believe me or not I saw tree men.  They were doing martial arts or Something,They looked at me and said ”I AM YOUR FATHER” I said no you’re not. There was people in the background, and I was shouting for help.They looked over and started running as fast as they could and said”what’s wrong” I said the Stick people.They said what about them I said they spoke.Then i went home and had a really bad dream so I came back the next day.They weren’t their anymore.I looked everywhere for them I even went round the whole woods for them and i couldn’t find them!.

One thought on “Tree men”

  1. Hi Aiden!
    I really liked your story. I think that it was very creative. Next time, try to recognize what grammar and punctuation is propper. Awesome job!
    Eesha P.

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