??????????? Tree

Today i was walking in priory park by my own in the woods until i came across a tree with two x’s on each side and a lever was right next to it. I called a friend who’s name isĀ Romarn. We pulled the lever and suddenly great big wooden legs burst out of the x’s and started chasing us, we did scream, we ran. The big tree was really fast and it looked like i was someone running so I chucked a stone at the front of the tree and it opened up very slowly… very slowly…………..Wow its really slow. Finally it opened up and who was inside…………..

3 thoughts on “??????????? Tree”

  1. Dear Max,
    Thank you for taking part in this week’s 100 Word Challenge writing. You’ve written a very suspenseful story about the photo of the wooden legs. I like how you chose to make your ending a cliff hanger. Maybe you can continue this story in another post for the 100WC. What color was that lever you pulled? Was is green or brown to blend in with the tree? Or was it a bright color like yellow or red that made it stand out in the woods? I guess the legs were a defense program to keep the tree safe. Maybe the tree has a secret that it is trying to protect. Keep up the good work!
    Mrs. Schmidt (Team 100WC)
    Grade 3 Teacher
    Pennsylvania, USA

  2. Hey Max, great story, it reminds me of a tv show and tree x is the best one to name a tree.

    Well Done Max!

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