Trick or treat

One night me and my friends were out trick or treating and we had loads of sweets and we had not been out for very long. We were walking down a road to get to the next house. After a few more houses we were going to start heading home but luckily  my friend Jeff was coming to stay round mine for a sleep over that night. We both stayed up really late. We were eating our  sweets that we got from trick or treating. Mum said we both had to stop eating our sweets now as it was getting late. And she took them away from us so we could not eat them during the night. We waited until mum had gone up to bed. I knew where the sweets were because I saw where she put them. Then I said too Jeff “look what I have, but we will need to hide the wrappers”. Then I heard mum coming down stairs quickly. We hid them and pretended to be asleep.