One day, me and my friend vs his brother   were having a massive fight. It took  his dad to break us up. So when the fight finished me and my friend were still thinking of a revenge, he said his brother has a trophy that he brings everywhere with him so i said ‘lets take it’. We made a plan and got ready to go into his room.We waited until his bro wasn’t in there and went in and got the trophy ‘but where would we hide it?’ said my friend but it only took two minutes before his brother caught us and…

2 thoughts on “Trouble”

  1. Francesca your story is amazing I loved the way you described who broke up the fight keep up the amazing work can’t what to read another story of yours.

  2. I wish I knew how it ends! What an interesting piece. Keep a great job, Francesca!

    C – Team 100 WC

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