Truth Or Dare Breakdown!

Last week me and my best friends, and a couple of boys stayed round my house for a sleepover. My bestie, Carly insisted that we should play Truth Or Dare! Carly pointed at me and screamed “TRUTH OR DARE?”. I backed away for a moment until my other friend Poppy reassured me that it was fine, so I shrugged at leaned in closer and whispered “Dare!”. I saw Carly had a mischievous look on her face. She looked at me and then at Charlie (one of the boys). And giggled “I dare you to… Use your karate skills on Charlie!” She howled with laughter.” But, but thats not fair!”I mumbled. “Oh come on!” Carly whimpered in a baby voice with a smirk on her face! ‘But what if I was in charge?”I thought in my head. “Ugh you’re so boring, why can’t you be like us, The Dare Devils of the school!” After she said that I got up and went downstairs where all the parents were and said, “The party’s over, your children are so mean!” I shouted before I ran into the bathroom and cried! My Mum came bursting into the room and put her arms around me “It’s okay, you don’t need to be sad…” She said comforting me. I walked upstairs and cried my way to sleep…

3 thoughts on “Truth Or Dare Breakdown!”

  1. Hello Chloe! Oh no. If I was the narrator, I would be pretty sad too. I liked how your story was very detailed, and how it seemed to include all of what had happened. You did a very good job on your writing! Keep up the great work!

  2. Nice job Chloe! I really like this post. Have you ever played truth or dare? Is this story a real story?

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