Two Trouble someTwins

One bright sunny day  two tired troublesome twins, Ross and Finn, woke up to an early start. An early start because they were going to watch their favourite football team,rovers, play a cup game against their rivals, rangers.  Although they were twins, they looked very different: Ross had red fiery hair whilst Finn’s hair was as white as snow. Suddenly , they heard a childish knock on the door, Ross rushed down the stairs to answer it, but that was when Finn remembered. Finn remembered that he and Ross had a swimming race to compete in and it was probably their best friend Frankie waiting at the door for them. Then Finn shot down the stairs to answer the door, but he was astonished to see Garry liniker and The whole of rangers F.C standing in the distance of his door step. Garry said that the big match was postponed due to injured players on the opposing team and that they heard about Ross and Finn being massive fans and  they would like to go swimming at Ross and Finn’s swimming club. That wasn’t the best thing about it though, the best thing about it was that they got to get a ride on The team bus to the swimming pool  to celebrate this event they  the small family had big fireworks when the team had gone they also had flame throwers and it was the best night ever!!!


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    1. Hi Francesca I really liked your story it was really cool how you added the description and how you talked about how he felt. I think everything was good but maybe some more details next time but, other whys it was really really good. Great Job Francesca!
      Your blog partner and friend,

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