The smartest giant in town’s Easter

There was once a giant who’s name was George he was biggest giant in town. people from far far away,came to see his playground. It had been a while since he made the playground and children loved it. One, morning he was having a lunch in his house and there was a knock on the door it was the mayor he holding a werd egg and said “happy Easter”.George said ” what is it?” But the may had left 


In 2017,I hope that children will be able to wear what they want to school, people will have personal hoverboards and hovercraft, people can fly, people can shapeshift, survive without food and drink, unicorns will be pets, endermen will be founded in cities and counties but never be seen in forests, people can time travel,see into the future, people have pet monkeys,  dogs can talk, cats can talk, dogs and cats can use karate,people have wings, Minecraft and Roblox are real, zoos keep teachers in cages, people don’t need to sleep, people have to dab before speaking and jojo bows are part of school uniforms