We go fishing

Once there was a man called William he likes to go fishing does not have the stuff for fishing so me and William went to the shop. It is called GoOutDoors it had fishing rods we got two seats for me and William it cost £183 so we did then we went back home and it was 8am at night i went to bed for sleep. The next day we went to a lake which has lots of fish in. it was 1 hour away but we tock a snack with us so we shot of in the car . when we arrived we set up the seats and fishing rods we put are boots on and William got the first catch it was a big fish and pulled William in.!!!!




2 thoughts on “We go fishing”

  1. Adam, that must have been one huge fish! I love all the details in your story, but make sure you check your spellings at the end. Well done!

  2. HI i am james from stillwater ny in wlazlo class nice job on the story i like how you made it two days in sted of one and you could not of changed nothing

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