Weather Lady

Before two o’clock Helena woke up to get dressed as she had to go to work at 4 o’clock. A huge surprise! Helena sleeps with a little toy snake. She walked over to her wardrobe and pulled out a red dressRing Ring Ring! Helena turned around. Her alarm clock went off. After Helena finished her breakfast, she went to go and get her bike. Helena cycled to work as it was easier for her husband to drive to work. Helena worked at a weather station. She is also sometimes on TV to report the weather. Make sure you watch out.

3 thoughts on “Weather Lady”

  1. Natalie,

    Great job on you posts, I really liked how well you used the words and made it flow, I also really liked your vivid vocabulary.

  2. Hello, Natalie! You wrote a very descriptive story this week. I think that you included the five words from the prompt very well in your post; they fit into your story excellently. Amazing work!

  3. Hi Natalie,
    I enjoyed how you story was very strait forward and I knew what was happening. Also, I enjoyed how you incorporated all five words. An interesting fact I can share is most adults keep their favorite toy their whole life. I can connect to your story because, just like Helena I enjoy writing my bike. Something that you could maybe do better next time is, add some more action! To end of, how did you come up with this story idea? Come check out my blog at

    Happy Writing,
    Evie in Illinois

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