The weird twists of the forest

I was running round on a forest when I tripped and fell down a hole.It was deep and dirty and was not the place I wanted to be. It was tight and I struggled to breath so I tried to climb up.When I was half way up I saw a tunnel so what lies ahead of this I thought.I got so curios that I decided to enter it.It turned out to just be a cave so i turned to carry on climbing and saw another tunnel it went uphill and it took me back to the forest i ran home and said that will be it for today.

3 thoughts on “The weird twists of the forest”

  1. Well done Alfie. This is a super piece of writing. I very much like the way you have used language to create suspense and a detailed setting. You should feel proud of your first piece of 100wc writing. Congratulations!
    Mr Rockey, Team 100 UK

  2. Hi Alfie,
    This is a great piece of writing for week 1 of 100 WC. You did a terrific job of creating a tense atmosphere. Your choice of adjectives ‘deep and dirty’, along with the use of alliteration (use of two words beginning with the same letter) adds to the tension. Very well done.

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