The, well Umm… Ninja Ermm, umm… TREES! Umm well, Trees! Umm, AGHHH!

I umm, well… umm, well I was wa – wa – walking through the trees in the forest and umm, well… ermm, can I go to the doctor? So I was walking through the f – f – forest and I saw some TREES! But not just any trees s – s – some n – NINJA TREES so I-I-I  RAN for my life! Now when I say n-n- ninja I mean LIVING NINJA! So when I got home I contacted the police and they went straight to ‘trees’ but claimed not to find any… that was when I spotted them IN MY GARDEN!!!! NO NO NO!!

TO BE CONTINUED…                            

3 thoughts on “The, well Umm… Ninja Ermm, umm… TREES! Umm well, Trees! Umm, AGHHH!”

  1. Dear James,
    I am Nadia, one of you 100 Word Challenge partners. I loved reading your short story for this week. It is so creative unique and interesting. It would be so cool to see ninja trees! I like how you wrote “to be continued” at the end to make the reader hanging and want to read more. It surely made me wonder what happened next. Great Job!

  2. Adam,
    Hello! This is Eesha, one of your 100wc comment partners. I thought your title of your story was one of a kind. I also liked the beginning part where it seemed like the narrator was stuttering for words. Great job!
    Eesha P.

  3. I like how you made th police not believe you. This allows you to have the opportunity to create the to be continued. I hope you will create your next 100 Word Challenge on this so I can see what other interesting things you will use.

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