A wellie boot on a glass

A boy has put his boots on this glass people don’t know how to put it maybe a for an example a leaf and maybe what happen it might fall off because of the wind.So the glass is maxiglass,they might put glue or if its summer it might stay because there are no glue.But imagine it in your head if your going to put your boots in a glass make sure its not rainy or windy.It does look magic when the boy put his boots on a glass.The people round the world should try because they think their a magician.

2 thoughts on “A wellie boot on a glass”

  1. Hey Reena! I really liked your story about the maxiglass. I think that it would be cool if I could put my feet in it. Make sure to include your punctuation. Otherwise, your story is great!

  2. Hi Reena. This story was interesting. I don’t know what a wellie boot is. Is at an England thing or is it worldwide? Good job.

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