What is it?

It sits on my shelf every day and i look at it all night.It is shiny and glass and is a delcate animal.It can break and it can smash.It is small and fragile and is a very gracful creature.People look at it when they come round and if i am sad it will chear me up. Some one got it from orlando and was brought for a present.It lives in the sea and is very playful it is blue and green but not until you hold it up in the sun light.what do you think my mysterious shiny object is?

2 thoughts on “What is it?”

  1. Hi Hannah,
    I think your item is a glass dolphin am I right? I really like how you used words like graceful and delicate, it make the item sound more interesting. My neighbor has a bunch of glass animals they are so pretty. My friend also has one. Is that your only one or do you have more if so which is your favorite?
    Cecilia from Illinois

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