One day I got home from school  and there was a huge parcel with my name on it I said to my mum what is that parcel there with my name on it? My mum said thats your birthday present I thought to myself what could this be? and when will I get it. You will get it on your birthday how many days is it until my birthday I dont know I cant be bothered to work out how many days until your birthday. I think your birthday is a week a way so I went upstairs and asked my sister what my present for my birthday yes I do know but you will have to wait




One thought on “WHAT IS THE NEW TOY?”

  1. Alfie, I have really enjoyed reading about the excitement and anticipation you felt when the gift arrived early and I admire your patience!
    Let’s think about the fact that you felt the need to write THE END. Good writers let their audience know that the story has ended by creating a clever last paragraph or sentence and you have done just that with your ‘…. but it will have to wait.’ As your reader, I am quite satisfied with being in suspense about what the parcel may contain. That leaves me able to imagine. Thanks for giving me that freedom.

    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    New Plymouth
    New Zealand

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