When the Pens Give Up

I was just getting out my pencil case ready to do some doodling, I got to the compartment where my pens were stored, and instead of pens I found a letter, which was addressed to me! It was a nice surprise until I read it,

Dear Adam,                                                                                                                                      We really enjoy being used and we’re really happy that you are using ALL the colours. Especially pink! It’s really good! But we are getting in to an argument, and me (light blue) are  trying to stop them but I can’t! They are all boasting about who is used the most and who is not! Please help me talk some sense into them!

Your Favourite Pen,                                                                                                                      Light Blue                        

P.S. Please talk to them TONIGHT because we jumped out of your pencil case, Sorry!

Well after that I didn’t know WHAT to believe, I felt like, Erm… Umm,  well I wanted school to end INSTANTLY and I wanted to talk some sense into them! (In light blue’s words) When school ended I ran all the way back home not even stopping! I shot up to my room to open the door to a shock, There was a massive doodle that was all assigned to me with my name on the front, all the Pen’s names were on the front as well and there were some lovely compliments on the back, it was PROFESSIONAL! I loved it so much that I gave my Pens a huge hug and never EVER, EVER bothered them again! Today I still have that picture on my wall and I’m never, EVER taking it off!

P.S. This is not a 100 word challenge so don’t comment on the number of words. (: >_< 🙂

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  1. I like how you made your post longer than normal to make it more interesting. The plot of your story was very interesting. It was interesting how you made the pens write a letter. That was pretty funny!

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