Wonderland’s Wonders

The teacup, lay upon the wet, fresh grass. It’s motionless, ceramic cover stay dry and rough. I stood beside it, wondering what it does. My body crept closer, and closer until I fell down, down and down! I landed near a huge redwood tree that towered over her like the Eiffel Tower. I scrambled my way over to a small cottage a few steps away. I politely knocked, but no reply! I knocked a second time, but still, no reply. So I walked over to a huge bay window and peered through. All I saw was rabbits, just rabbits, weird…

2 thoughts on “Wonderland’s Wonders”

  1. Hello Chloe! Great job! I wonder if the girl in your story may have ended up in a place like Wonderland. Also, I liked how you used the Eiffel Tower to describe how tall the redwood tree was. It really helped the reader understand the story even more!

  2. Hello Chloe, that was weird seeing all those rabbits. Your repetition works well there as it builds a picture for the reader. You’ve some good verbs as well to paint a picture, and your simile of the Eiffel tower works well in showing how big the tree was.

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