Wood warriors invade the Great bird woods! BONUS PART “A woods no more”

See part 1 for full understanding.

“Alright, ill give you all my wood,ONLY for the safety of my birds” So Jack handed them all the wood, it took a while for the trees to come down. After 5 days the warriors were gone and there was no wood in sight. Jack was really upset and had to find a new woods what people will come to and his birds could fly around freely. The woods where really special to him and his birds but now his and his birds woods was a woods no more. But he got tricked and now his old woods is now a secret base for those wood warriors and they created plans to take over the world but firstly they did something first. A few weeks ago Jack died a mysteryrious death on april the 19th on friday. His family will take care of the remaining birds, some of them died a mysteryrious death as well…

A woods no more ending

Part 2 coming soon